CELEMI Agile Move™


Learn to quickly adapt and respond to changing market conditions. Drive success in an ambiguous world by applying agile principles. 

In Celemi Agile Move™, participants work in teams to explore and develop an agile mindset. This digital business simulation is set in a fictitious company dealing with the typical operational, strategic, and leadership challenges that many companies are facing today.

Celemi Agile Move™ helps your organization move through the transformation you need to meet the challenges of today’s ambiguous, ever-changing world. Use this highly competitive and engaging simulation to let your people discover the benefits of agile principles and learn to apply them to their daily work processes.


Agile Leadership
Efficient Teams
Customer Value
Value for effort – effectiveness
Work flow
Learn and improve together

Celemi Agile Move™ is useful for organizations that want to improve and thrive in today’s ever-changing marketplace. In Celemi Agile Move™ participants will:

  • Develop a big-picture understanding of agile – independent of which agile method is used.

  • Understand the when and why of agile thinking

  • Establish a common frame of reference.

Participants will develop an agile mindset, which contributes to:

  • Better ability to react to market changes

  • Increased effectiveness

  • Shorter time to market

  • Lower cost of development

  • New products that solve real customer needs

  • Increased customer satisfaction


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