Project Description

E.ON: Clarifying the New Brand

Clarifying the new brand; after merging with the global energy leader E.ON, Sydkraft, the Swedish utility, changed its name to E.ON Sweden.

Initially, the company needed help re-branding itself among 200 managers in Sweden, but later reached out to more than 50,000 E.ON employees throughout Germany, the UK, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Italy and the US. For help, E.ON turned to Celemi.

The custom solution created incorporated a Celemi WorkMat™ series and some case scenarios, which helped employees from different cultures and backgrounds understand their new brand, its related values and behaviors, and how to “live it” on the job.

“Many, many encouraging words and ‘thank you’s’ during the day. Good methodology, good execution, good evening! What a project!”

Per Lindell, Project Sponsor E.ON. Sweden