Project Description

Adecco: Giving Middle Managers a CEO Perspective

Yoshihiko Hisada, Country HR Director at Adecco Japan, first experienced Celemi Tango™ back in 2000, prior to joining Adecco.

“At the time, I didn’t know anything about the simulation,” Mr. Hisada admits. “The Head Office had simply decided for us to run it. We did – and I loved it! The engaging format, the hands-on materials, and the learning points all made a profound impression on me. After joining Adecco several years later, I still remembered Tango and I soon realized it would fit our business perfectly.”

Mr. Hisada credits Celemi Tango™ for positive cultural changes at Adecco:

“The program helps us change traditional attitudes and ideas of how a manager should run the organization, focusing not only on the short-term profits, but also on the long-term development of the employees. Celemi Tango™, in short, gives our managers a valuable experience how you run the entire company as the president.”

“Participants arrive with high expectations, so the energy in the room is great from the beginning,” Mr. Hisada smiles. “The program has been very well received and is consistently rated ‘Excellent!’ in our evaluations.”

— Yoshihiko Hisada, Country HR Director, Adecco Japan

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