What does it mean to be a Celemist?

Celemi is made up of talent from over 10 different countries, working with everything from product development to visual design. We work out of offices in Malmö (HQ), Chicago, and Shanghai, and our global reach extends to over 70 different countries. Working at Celemi means having a passion for innovation; we are constantly striving to develop and deliver innovative, creative, and comprehensive learning solutions. Keeping true to our Swedish heritage, we value diversity and equality, and believe that people thrive when they have the space to explore their own interests.


“I love how much I learn everyday when I come to work. Since starting at Celemi I’ve learned almost everything I need to know about business finance from our simulations!” – Master Facilitator and Global Account Manager. Celemist since 2003.


“I had a big ‘Aha moment’ when I first started at Celemi, and was having a hard time understanding a strategy roadmap for a client project. I sat down in the lunchroom with one of our company founders and explained my dilemma.  Mid-conversation, I realized the roadmap was sitting upside-down, and looking at it that way everything suddenly made sense. We both laughed and I asked him why he didn’t suggest this to me initially. He just smiled and said, “This is the Celemi way, you have to create your own knowledge, not have me tell you how things are.” This advice now guides me in my daily work.” –Visual Designer. Celemist since 2017.


“I have always felt that we work too many hours over the course of a lifetime to not have fun doing it. Celemi has been interesting, innovative, and always looks to use my knowledge to help make things better. To me that is FUN!” – Controller. Celemist since 1996.


“I’m passionate about developing, customizing and delivering our business simulations and the best thing is when you hear positive feedback from the participants after the sessions. It’s really powerful and rewarding.” – Global Key Account Manager and Facilitator. Celemist since 2013.


“What I like most about Celemi is the creative atmosphere, the fast pace, and my fantastic colleagues. We are a global actor with partners and offices around the world, but at the same time we are a narrow and agile organization. This make my days diverse and demanding, getting the whole picture of the finance process and learning new things every day.” – Chief Financial Officer. Celemist since 2011.

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