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Make small changes. See what happens.

The Celemi Profit Simulator is designed to let you explore your business potentials and their effect on profit and cash flow.

Can small changes in your organization really have a great impact on the bottom line? Experiment with reality – without ruining your business!


What do you Know About Cash Flow?

You know how it is: you may be “rich” in the sense that you own a lot of things. But if you do not have cash, you cannot buy anything else – at least you cannot pay for it.

A company’s capital (assets) is either in the form of Cash (Cash & Bank) or tied up in things such as Inventory and Accounts receivable as well as in Fixed assets. If you run low on cash you may need to borrow money – which comes with a cost that you may want to avoid. This is one, among many, reasons why companies keep a sharp eye on their cash balance – the Cash Flow.