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Deciding the strategy is the easy part. Implementing it is the hard part. Or, as one client put it:

“It took our managers weeks to craft our new strategy, but only minutes for the organization to misunderstand it.”

The Celemi remedy is NOT to give the organization the answers. Instead, give them the same challenge as top management had. Present them with a life-like scenario, let them analyze the situation and decide how to act. Build a model of the company and let them execute their strategy, and reflect on the outcome. Finally, transfer the learning and insights to actionable change in the real world organization.

Ensure your employees know where your organization is headed—and why—so they become change agents who realize your vision.

With Celemi business solutions, ready made or custom made, employees understand the reasons behind strategy implementation by experiencing a simulated version of management’s learning process. It’s a way to develop comprehension about company expectations, values, and demands through hands-on learning and testing.

Do more than write company strategy on a board. Get everyone on board.

To get better at Strategy Implementation throughout your organization
– Play these Business Simulations:

Pulling In The Same Direction

with Celemi Decision Base™

Build cross-functional cooperation. Develop big picture understanding. Practice strategic decision-making.

Decision making

Stay Ahead In A Changing World

with Celemi Enterprise™

Exercise business thinking for winning results. Align your people behind your strategy.


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