We offer well-designed tools for communication and dialog supporting the change process.

Consulting Services

Change is never easy, but we can help make it manageable—and successful. Since 1985, we have been guiding clients through large-scale change initiatives with our wide range of business simulations and custom learning solutions.

At Celemi, we also offer consulting services and advice on the entire journey of learning and change over time to ensure connections to other organizational communication, learning, and strategic initiatives. Our services help you implement and sustain change by focusing on creating the right conditions and maintaining forward momentum.

If you need a speaking partner or advice on your change process, we are happy to consult in those capacities.

Our Approach

Based on our experience, we believe well-designed tools for communication and dialog can support the change process by:

• Visualizing the future to see where everyone wants to go.
• Providing hands-on experience to practice the new way in a safe environment
• Creating dialog over time to reinforce the message
• Supporting all managers to develop skills and deliver key messages consistently

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