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Serious games since 1985

For over thirty years we have empowered our customers – some of the world’s most successful companies – with fun, engaging, and efficient tools for learning and change. We design, implement and globally roll out gamified custom learning solutions and explorative exercises such as serious games and business simulations. We provide both ready-made solutions as well as solutions tailored to suit your specific needs.

At Celemi, we design face-to-face board game solutions as well as immersive, interactive digital experiences – depending on your learning objectives and purpose. Based on your conditions; content to cover, purpose, objectives, target groups, locations, time allocated, and budget, we will offer you the delivery method/s that will best meet your needs. Blended programs and digital components are often a part of a Celemi solution. Examples of digital components that may be part of a learning journey are microgames, apps, e-learnings, mini simulations, videos. Over the years, we have used a range of different media and formats, integrating opportunities of new technologies.

Our belief is that we – together with you – can achieve meaningful results when creating a Journey of Learning and Change. Going through a Journey of Learning and Change over time, people are given opportunities to reflect and apply new insights on their daily work in between the learning activities. It also helps keeping up the momentum.

Your success is our priority.

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