Today, Business Acumen is a key competence and competitive advantage. Business acumen is, according us, commercial understanding applied. It is the ability to put  knowledge into practice and make sound decisions.

Business Acumen includes:

Seeing the big picture: Understanding the business and the market and what drivers influence it.

Decision-making: Being able to make trade-offs of decisions, short and long-term.

Strategic thinking: Being apt to turning strategies into operational action.

Leading change: Be able to make change happen by aligning and empowering employees

Analytical thinking: Ability to analyze market data


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“Celemi’s learning process communicates the basics of business management as well as important background information unique to Daimler Chrysler. It also makes the financial numbers real and helps everyone to understand how they can be used on a regular basis for planning and management.”

-Project Manager, DaimlerChrysler

“Our top priority for our sales associates is to understand our customers’ businesses. Celemi Apples & Oranges has given our associates a learning tool to visualize the impact our products and services have on our customers’ life blood – cash flow.”

-Vice President, Dun & Bradstreet

“I always felt I’d done a good job if the delivery was made to the right place at the right time. Now I understand that the job is not done until the money is in the bank.”

-Freight Clerk participant, Kühne & Nagel

Why Business Finance?

  • Your employees will:

    • Know how to deploy company resources more efficiently

    • Learn how to read and interpret financial statements

    • Learn how to identify critical elements affecting profitability

    • Learn how to analyze financial ratios and key performance indicators

    • Get an understanding of financial- and management concepts

  • See how their daily decisions impact the company strategically and financially

  • See how they continuously can identify improvements in their own business operations

  • Learn how the business generates profits today, and how it needs to generate profits in the future