Does your organization have what it takes to be resilient ?

Not surprisingly, given today’s unforeseen challenges facing virtually all  organizations, resilience is a critical factor in sustaining success, and in some cases, even surviving. The recent Corona crisis serves as a striking example. While the Corona challenge is clearly upon us, forward thinking leaders are pondering if they are ready for the next unpredictable challenge. It is not possible to envision what the next high impact,  unpredictable challenge will be.  Therefore, organizations must prepare themselves by creating the infrastructure, planning, and leadership to “weather the next storm,” even when not knowing what the next crisis will be,  or when it may happen.

The sobering reality is, not all organizations will succeed. Others will not only succeed, but recognize new opportunities if they prepared.

We welcome you to explore how Celemi business simulations can prepare your team and leaders to demonstrate the resilience required to not just survive, but thrive when faced with unforeseen future challenges.

Explore how to make your people resilient with these business simulations.

Succeed in resilient times by applying agile principles

with Celemi Agile Move™

Learn to adapt to changing market conditions

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Business Finance for Everyone

with Celemi Apples and Oranges™

Celemi Apples & Oranges

Empower your employees to think like business owners through the power of play.

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More business simulations here.

How resilient is your organization?

Based on your observations, and considering  your own organization, answer the following questions.


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Achieving the resilience dynamic: a synergistic approach

A growing topic in contemporary business discussions is organizational resilience.

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