The Power of Learning – A Celemi Podcast

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Join the Celemi team in unraveling and exploring the hottest topics in learning and change from around the world. In each episode we will discuss the trending topics and give you access to the minds of Thought Leaders from the learning, change, leadership, talent and business fields. In true Celemi style our podcasts will be interactive and informative with plenty of serious fun. Send us questions and comments through our social media channels to join the conversation about how to build business performance in times of change.

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Episode 6 – The Power of Video

In this episode our hosts discuss their highlights of the year so far and what is hot in L&D in 2018. Our VIP guest Gina Maynard discussed the power of using video to train remotely based teams while simultaneously engaging employees in the company culture and doing it all with fun at the core. Enjoy!

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Episode 5 – The Power of Purpose

In this episode our hosts discuss the increasingly people-centric approach to organisational transformation in APAC and the need for upgrading the employee experience. Our VIP guest Dr Britt Andreatta discussed the essential role for purpose and meaning in the workplace and how learners and learning professionals can better engage the brain to achieve better learning outcomes for everyone.

Episode 4 – The Power of San Diego

In this live episode our podcast hosts discuss the hot topics of the ATD Conference 2018 in San Diego directly from the expo hall. There is also a sneak preview of the Time to Tango segment of our next episode.

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Episode 3 – The Power of Gamification

In this episode our hosts discuss about HR challenges in impacting organisational growth and the opportunities this presents to progressive HR practitioners. Our VIP guest Professor Karl Kapp shares his passion for learning through games and play and then predicts the next big thing in HR analytics.

Episode 2 – The Power of the CLO

In this episode our hosts discuss the field of learning through our 2018 lens. And hear from our VIP guest Tamar Elkeles who provides fascinating insights into the evolving role of the Chief Learning Officer around the world. We also get to know our good friend and Celemi favorite Martin Landgren.

Episode 1 – A teaser!

In this mini-episode listeners will meet the hosts and get a first taste of what the future of the power of learning will sound like. We talk about digital change, Japan and Josh Bersin even gets a mention.