Partner in Italy, specialized in People Management

Lorenzo De Grandi is the President of Choralia, a Milan based consulting firm active in people management, with a mission to guarantee results through the alignment of organizational development objectives and company business goals.

Choralia’s approach is to link processes and skills, both relational and technical, in a holistic, wide perspective in order to win in a competitive market. In order to do this, Choralia relies on a deep understanding of “how it works”, thus choosing the most coherent business simulations, and then adding an “out of the metaphor” module to connect the simulation to the specific client’s environment and issues.

Lorenzo recalls:

I remember when we first attended a Celemi partner meeting, in Barcelona 2005, we immediately realized the power of both an integrated network of great consultants, and fantastic powerful training tools such as the business simulations.

Throughout the seven years of our collaboration, consultants became not only reliable partners, but also friends, and Celemi business simulations are now an irreplaceable part of our offer.”

At the beginning it was just the Celemi blockbusters Apples & Oranges, Decision Base and Cayenne, but now Choralia has adopted the full Celemi product range, and has a list of more than 120 clients across several industries; telecom, automotive, pharma/biomedical, banking and insurance, luxury and consumer goods, manufacturing and energy.

Want to see more of Lorenzo? His video testimonial: