Peter Voller. Nexus Consulting, UK – Partner

In 1992 Peter Voller, Nexus Consulting, was invited to join a small team of experienced business professionals to form Celemi UK Ltd. in Windsor, Berkshire. – Back then the company was very different, with the majority of business coming from custom made solutions.

The second half of the ‘90s was a period of dramatic growth in the development of the Business Simulation offering. Celemi founder Klas Mellander was in a rich vein of creative design; as well as the hugely successful launch of the first generation of Celemi Tango™ and another six simulations.

It was impossible not to be excited by the business possibilities being created, Peter explains.

Having experienced for himself the impact of leading Celemi Decision Base™ Seminars, Peter took the decision to become full time Facilitator of Celemi’s Simulations:

It is hard to describe the buzz you can get from running a Celemi Apples & Oranges™ Seminar with a group of Operational Managers.

The level of retained knowledge that can be achieved in one day is awesome; the feedback is always positive. This for me is the perfect job.”

As well as managing his own clients, Peter also supports fellow US based Celemi Partners leading seminars in EMEA for their US clients.

Celemi’s simulations, he says, have many benefits for clients. He thinks that many people underestimate of Celemi’s simulations to cross the language and cultural divides that exist in most global organizations.

“Because the process allows participants to learn for themselves, multi-language groups can work happily together”, Peter says.

Peter is a Master Facilitator, running Train the Trainer Sessions for new Celemi Facilitators.

“In 1997 I took the decision to work for myself, concentrating my energy on becoming a specialist facilitator. To date I estimate that I have run seminars for in excess of 15,000 participants, in 26 countries. Do I regret my decision – not for one, single second.”

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