Our Mission

At Celemi, we help organizations manage change. Our solutions help people see the big picture necessary for changed behaviors and visible results.

Our Mission

We Use the Power of Learning and Serious Fun to Move People and Organizations to Higher Levels of Performance.

Our Mission Statement is our Big Idea broken down into elements.

Celemi's mission statement

Our Mission


We work together as a team. We work in the same direction towards the same goals. At Celemi, there is a supportive culture that gets the best out of everyone. We cooperate with each other, collaborating between our disciplines as well as with external organisations and people – to create exciting ventures and to break new ground. We work closely together with our customers by being a part of their reality, so that we can help as much as possible.


We actively use old, new and different ways of thinking and doing things. We stimulate thought and challenge and push to align, empower and enable people and hence make change happen.

The Power of Learning

We create and spread long-term knowledge through our world-class process and well-proven method The Power of Learning. .


Serious Fun

As people learn without noticing when they are at ease and are having fun, we use Serious Fun to create exciting and memorable learning experiences.

To Move

We believe that change starts with people. To move organizations, we start by mobilizing people – aligning, enabling, empowering people. To move people, we strive to involve people’s hearts, minds and hands.

People and organizations

We aim to move the direction of organizations by aligning, enabling and empowering people. We create opportunities for each and every person who participates in our programs as well as the organizations with which we collaborate.

We help managers efficiently communicate key messages, build competence and mobilize people to act in line with corporate strategies.

To Higher Levels of Performance

We passionately believe that our role is to bring about significant, long-term change. It is part of our ethos. We achieve this through our creative ways of working.

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