Our Mission and History

At Celemi, our mission is to use The Power of Learning to move people and organizations to higher levels of performance. We’re about helping organizations manage change and helping people see the big picture.

We have offices in Sweden, the United States, Singapore and China as well as partners in more than 70 countries worldwide. Our clients include global leaders like Siemens, IKEA, Skanska, EADS, Bona and BASF.

How Celemi began

More than 30 years ago, three very different experts crossed paths and changed the business landscape. Klas Mellander, a mathematician interested in unconventional learning. Margareta Barchan, a woman with an unusual gift for business. Krister Nathanaelson, an instructional movie-maker. Together, they created the ultimate, innovative tool for effective learning–business simulations.

Their company with Swedish roots evolved into Celemi, a global operation helping companies implement change and reach business objectives through experiential learning and business simulations.

Every Celemi solution is rooted in Klas Mellander’s unique idea, The Power of Learning, which taps into peoples’ inner motivation and drive to unlock natural, spontaneous learning that sticks.