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For decades we have helped companies around the world manage the human side of change – moving people and organizations to higher levels of performance. In the process of finding answers to the questions we ask, of selecting the relevant data, of testing, and refining the content of the materials – we can achieve much more value than what can is visualized in the final solution. This includes creating alignment within your team, getting buy-in, and commitment from key stakeholders, as well as opportunities for you to further process your key messages and clarifying what they really mean in practice.

We are committed to helping you succeed!

Working with us means:

We Work Closely with You

The successful development of a custom Celemi learning solution is based on a close and committed working partnership between you and us. You know in which direction you want to go and what you want to achieve. We know how to analyze and translate your vision into an engaging learning process with hands-on activities. Our joint development work takes place at this intersection. Throughout the project process, we take the lead and are there to guide and support you in your role. We are passionate about helping you succeed.

We Follow a Well-Proven Project Process

By following our well established and proven project process we make sure that we, in close collaboration with you, take all the steps necessary for a successful outcome. The operational work itself, within the process, is iterative.

We Engage in Hands-On Activities

Meetings and soundings:
Dialogs and interviews with key people; to understand your challenges, to raise awareness of the program, and to identify early on if there are any mixed messages (providing the opportunity to clarify and create alignment).

Interactive work sessions together with your subject matter experts; to gather the data needed and to discuss draft models.

Live tests: Conceptual test and Pilot test
Test seminars with your concept owners and representatives of your target audience; to verify the content and design of the program. The test sessions also provide valuable opportunities to create buy-in and promote the program internally.

Training sessions where your hand-picked future facilitators experience the program as participants, get acquainted with the Facilitator manual and practice facilitating the program. We have a well proven Train-the-trainer concept, designed to support and secure a successful roll out. Our clients typically use internal facilitators for the roll-out of their learning solution.

Throughout the project process, we take the lead and are there to guide and support you in your role. We are passionate about helping you succeed!

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