The Power of Learning: Our Big Idea

The Power of Learning is the power that drives change – that makes people move in the same direction. To be able to change behaviour in their daily work, people need to understand for themselves. People need time to reflect and connect the dots to get the big picture.

To unleash the Power of Learning, we recreate a spontaneous learning process, using the power to learn within every human. When designing our learning solutions, we benefit from inner motivators that trigger people to learn. Those are for example curiosity, lust, enthusiasm, energy, desire, willingness, inspiration, stimulation, courage, the joy of collaborating, competing, discussing…

The Power of Learning involves learning through scenarios and storylines. Participants are faced with challenges relevant for their business realities. By taking part in our solutions, participants get an opportunity to try, fail, and learn from mistakes. Hence, they develop a deeper understanding of business decisions and their consequences, relating to their businesses. All the while having serious fun!

How our Big Idea Came into Being

Watch this 2 min video, “The Power of Learning”