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Our Point of View on Learning

We believe that you can’t just absorb other people’s knowledge–you have to create your own. You’ve got to figure it out for yourself.

At Celemi, we don’t think people learn well when being spoon-fed information. We believe that people learn when discovering, discussing with peers, experiencing.

We are convinced that:

Efficient Learning is About…

• Learning in practice
• Getting people to explore, discover and draw desired conclusions themselves
• Making people understand and visualize complex information
• Letting people create their own knowledge in order to understand how to contribute and make a difference in the organization

Any topic can be addressed in a custom-made learning solution based on dialog, whereas certain areas are suitable to simulate.

Simulations and Learning Solutions are Efficient Tools to:

  • Create awareness
  • Change mind-sets
  • Change behaviours
  • Influence and build culture
  • … to make change happen!

A Successful Learning Solution, must be:

  • Engaging – and possibly even fun!
  • Based on discovery, experiential and spontaneous learning
  • Carried out in teams, working and exploring together
  • Creating new insights and new behaviors