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Nik Peere is Partner & Business Development Trainer/Coach at Mercuri International in Belgium. A global sales consultancy, Mercuri International helps more than 15.000 companies per year in becoming more efficient and effective in sales activities.

Hello Nik! Tell us, how did you first get into the training industry?

You could say it was an accident of sorts. In 1989 I went to a job interview at Mercuri, and I actually thought I was applying for a position as a sales manager … I didn’t find out until the actual interview they wanted me as a trainer! (laughs) the job still sounded interesting though, and I got it!

How would you describe Mercuri in your own words?

We are not the guys who develop our client’s overall strategy, but we are the best at implementing their sales strategy. This owes to the fact that we don’t recruit trainers but sales managers, as evidenced by the above story…

What is the best thing about being a facilitator and a trainer?

Connecting with people and creating value for them! Once I ran Apples & Oranges™, and one uneasy participant felt she “didn’t understand finance” and wanted to leave. I convinced her to stay, and after the session, she said “It’s unbelievable, I finally got it!” before bursting into tears! Now, making people cry is – of course – not my ambition, but I think this proves how much our work can mean to people.

How did you first hear about Celemi?

I first heard about Celemi when you fully joined the Bure Equity family in 2011. I saw on the website that you had no partners in Belgium, and when I phoned Tore Byström he invited me for a session of Apples & Oranges™ Service. I liked it so much I immediately got a facilitator certification, flew home and introduced it on the Belgian market!

How do you use Celemi simulations at Mercuri?

We often use Celemi simulations at the end of trainings to allow participants to try out their new knowledge in practice. People really enjoy this and say things like “it all comes together”. The great business simulations aside, Celemi’s international organization and network makes it an engaging working environment. Meeting and training people from all over the world is truly rewarding!

Lastly, which Celemi simulation is your favorite?

A&O Service remains my favorite due to its clear connection to the market, which fits great with the sales training we do at Mercuri. Outside of A&O, I really enjoy the intense market strategies of Celemi Enterprise™.