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Stay Ahead in a Changing World

Exercise business thinking for winning results. Align your people behind your strategy.
During this full day event you will have the chance to experience Celemi Enterprise™. In this business simulation teams act as companies competing for the same customers in fierce competition. Each participant assumes a management role in Marketing and Sales, Development and Services, Planning and Delivery or Finance and Control. The goal? To maximize your brand position and earn short-term profit while creating long-term value.

In Celemi Enterprise™, the teams need to:

  • Decide on a desired market position.
  • Target and sell to preferred customers.enterprise
  • Meet customer demands by developing an attractive and profitable product portfolio.
  • Deliver with excellence by getting the most out of people and processes.
  • Create strong, sustainable brand value.
  • Keep track of financial results – both short and long term

Read more about Celemi Enterprise™ here

Facilitator training will be held on June 1, 2018. For details – click here

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