It was over twenty years ago that Eeva accidently came across Celemi and “fell in love” with the visual tools and the methodology that Celemi uses. As an accounting and business consultant/trainer Eeva Niskavaara has facilitated Celemi solutions ever since; Celemi Apples & Oranges, Celemi Tango, Celemi Decision Base, and Celemi Enterprise.

“Enterprise is my favorite simulation”, Eeva says.

“It mirrors the real challenges of putting into place a customer oriented strategy in an ever-changing market. The seminar’s intense discussions also help linking the participants’ experiences to their own business”

Eeva is particularly passionate about strategy and customer orientation; and always make sure she keeps tracks of the latest trends within these areas. Besides being a board member in five companies, Eeva likes writing.

Not long ago, she wrote a book with a general perspective on business finance.

Eeva’s take on facilitation

When we ask her about facilitating Celemi’s solutions, and especially Celemi Apples & Oranges: Business Finance for Everyone, she says:
“While you need to be able to read the financial numbers and analyze the indicators, the most important thing is to understand the business decisions behind the financial numbers”, Eeva says.

During seminars, her main objective is to secure that the participants get a true understanding of the concepts.

“Then, I want to make sure they can apply their learnings back at work,” Eeva explains.

Finds Celemi solutions fit everyone

According to Eeva, Celemi simulations are learning tools suitable for all levels in organizations.

“My biggest client, a forest industry company, uses Celemi Apples & Oranges to educate their trainees and white collars about finance.

Celemi Decision Base is used in many internal training programs for middle managers, and Enterprise for executives”, she explains.

Eeva’s client base includes mostly listed companies and large family owned companies. Eeva also collaborates with the leading Finnish management training organizations like Aalto University Executive Education and Talent Partners Oy.