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Dialog and reflection are the strongest tools for higher order learning. Face-to-face interaction will always remain the winner to achieve this – but – in a global environment, digitalization moves people closer to one another, allowing for more intensified dialog. It also allows people to access information more easily and conveniently and gives flexibility on where and when to do things, enabling reflection over time.

We offer a wide range of digital solutions – from standard formats, that fits our business simulation solutions, to completely custom-made that can be used either independently, or as part of more comprehensive learning journeys. What works best for you?  

Celemi DigiGame™

Learn while playing a game! Celemi DigiGame™ is an application used to spread learning on a topic (for example business finance) through friendly competition. This learning solution can be used independently as well as being a part of a larger learning journey. Level up and become an “Explorer”, a “Rock star” or maybe even the ultimate “Guru”.   

With Celemi DigiGame™ you:   

  • Play a quiz game while learning
  • Create learning motivation with competitive spirit
  • Challenge your peers to a one on one quiz battle
  • Follow your progress on a leaderboard where you can compare your results with peers

Celemi Microlearning™

Before – Increase motivation by revealing a glimpse of the upcoming experience. Creates alignment of what to expect and why.

Afterwards – Make the learning stick by reminding, repeating and applying.

With Celemi Microlearning™ you:   

  • Get a set of short digital interactions, completed individually via mobile/tablet/laptop
  • Learn through a mix of media types (films, quizzes/assessments, bit-sized learning activities)
  • Prepare the learners for what they will experience
  • Extend and deepen the learning of a one-day seminar over a few weeks
  • Get help applying the experience outside the seminar room

Celemi Assessment™

Measure the impact of the learning experience – while learning!

With Celemi Assessment™ you:   

  • Acquaint the learner with the topic beforehand
  • Let the learner test his/her own learning progress
  • Get the possibility to adapt the facilitation to the level of pre-knowledge in the group
  • Get guidance on facilitation by measuring the knowledge learnt by the group
  • See the actual ROI on the learning

Custom-made solutions

We have developed a variety of digital learning programs for customers, ranging in scope from a few micro learning interactions as part of a learning journey, to full scale digital training programs and digital simulations.

In doing so we have worked with a range of customers requesting anything from one certain authoring tool (such as Articulate 365 or Flow) with SCORM, xAPI etc. compatible output to be used on the company LMS, to requesting digital components delivered independently, and we have collaborated building for example mobile apps for specific customers.

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