Rethinking Work & Learning

A Balancing Act for the Organization – the Meaning-Seeking Person Between Agile Work Concepts and the Desire for Stability.​​

When nothing is sureeverything is possible.”

When we set the title for this year’s Learning Conference earlier this year, it was not clear to us how explosive and dynamic the topic should be.​

Especially in the corona pandemic, it was not always easy for us to see change processes as positively as Margaret Drabbel. After the first shock, we had to focus and get up to do damage limitation and thus understand even this change as a driving force.

The modern working world seems more unsafe than ever before. Hierarchies dissolve, work processes become more flexible, challenges become more complex. But now that we need creative, reflective collaboration and a collegial community the most, this is only possible to a limited extent or only virtually.

Celemi and [bu:st] share the experience of accompanying people on their path of change. We invite you to the online event of the 2nd Rethinking Work & Learning Conference on September 16, 2020, from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm (CET).

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Well-established organizational structures and learning environments lead to a false sense of security of the familiar, but do not withstand the necessary agility of the market in a rapidly changing world. Apparently, humans striving for meaning remains in the organization, looking for development perspectives, shared values ​​and the need for harmony and orientation. How does that work together with the shift towards self-organized teams with more individual responsibility? More cooperation with a greater variety of topics means bearing with more conflicts, constantly reflecting upon yourself and learning continuously – how do people deal with it? Does such an organizational design ultimately increase the ability of the company and the employee to confidently deal with uncertainties?

Get inspired by our keynote speakers.

Learn through Celemi and [bu:st] how sustainable learning and working can also be successful virtually. Look forward to meeting people for stimulating discussions via our Slack channels.

Our Keynote-Speakers

Gabriele Hamm Adler
Christian Friedrich
Kjell Lindqvist
Oliver Herrmann

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein


Bernhard Pollety


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Online Event

The Rethink Work & Learning Conference 2020 takes place as an Online Event.

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With over 30 years of experience, Celemi’s learning methodology and solutions have helped countless organizations engage people in learning and change all over the world. Celemi’s business simulations and custom solutions recreate corporate challenges and situations where learners test skills and explore new concepts in a realistic, relaxed and hands-on environment.

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