Open Seminars & Workshops

This is where events take the stage. Come and play a business board game, participate in a workshop, round table discussion or breakfast session. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Check out our upcoming events here: 

Discovery Day –  (SINGAPORE)

Topic:            Align around the importance of driving profitability
Where:          Singapore
When:           March 27 2018
Language:     English


Learning & Discovery Event –  (MUNICH)

Topic:            Wie mobilisieren Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter für Business Transformation?
Where:          Munich, Germany
When:           April 18 2018
Language:    German


Open Seminar – Apples & Oranges (CHICAGO)

Topic:            Business finance for everyone
Where:          Chicago, USA
When:           April 19 2018
Language:    English



Open Seminar – Strategy & Growth (MEMPHIS)

Topic:            Take Your Organization Forward in 2018
Where:          Memphis, USA
When:           April 26 2018
Language:    English