Celemi Apples & Oranges Manufacturing 5.2

Still Business Finance for Everyone. The new business game version contains all of the solid and traditional content that you know from before. All the key concepts are there. But, Year Two is more competitive, more dynamic – and more compelling. The main theme: Profitable Growth.

So, What’s New?

Thanks to the new and dynamic Year Two of Apples & Oranges™ Manufacturing, you will get to:

…choose strategies for Profitable Growth

You will practice implementing strategies for profitable growth. You will get to identify potential profit and potential sales – and make a risk assessment to choose a potential growth strategy. Depending on your managerial level, you will learn how to grow your company – or get an insight in how the company you work for has decided to grow profitably.

Year two is based on the Ansoff Matrix.

…practice Cash & Working Capital Management

Through the new Year Two, you will get a higher cash awareness. During the simulation you will get to discuss – and hence understand – the importance of solid cash management. There are new, optimal exercises on cash flow and working capital. Cash is key – and you will see why.

…practice Risk Assessment

When investigating strategies for growth you will discover that certain risks are related to each specific strategy. No matter which industry you are in, and what path you choose for growth, you always have to assess and consider the risks involved.

All in all, the new CELEMI Apples & Oranges™ Manufacturing & Manufacturing-Sales 5.2 offers:

  • More decisions – already in year two
  • More competition – in both year two and in year three
  • An increased focus on Working Capital
  • Enhanced sections around Cash Flow

The new Year Two is compatible with Year Three “Many Small Wins” or Year Three “Sales” – or a combination of the two.

The overall theme is achieving profitable growth. The simulation helps you or your employees understand how your company intends to grow.

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