Is now a good time to talk about Cash?

2020 continues to serve up volatility and unpredictability in unfathomable portions, and now the race is on to both survive and thrive. As revenues are thrown into a rollercoaster pattern and the needs of our customers re-invent themselves overnight businesses globally turn their heads in the direction of the one dial that nobody wants to see turning red – cash.

Cash flow, however, remains poorly or mis-understood by many in business so instead of pulling together as a team with a common understanding very often businesses are forced to resort to draconian control measures to ensure control of this critical measure.

In challenging times enabling people to have the freedom to create and make good business decisions is perhaps the biggest challenge and the greatest opportunity. Have you considered the power of arming your greatest asset with the knowledge not only to keep your business finances healthy… but to make the most of the opportunities adversity affords us?

We welcome you to explore how Celemi can help unlock the potential in your people through Business Simulation.

Explore how to make your people understand cash flow with these business simulations.

Pulling In The Same Direction

with Celemi Decision Base™

Build cross-functional cooperation. Develop big picture understanding. Practice strategic decision-making.

Business Finance for Everyone

with Celemi Apples and Oranges™

Celemi Apples & Oranges

Empower your employees to think like business owners through the power of play.

More business simulations here.

How much do you know about cash? Click here to test yourself…

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Will overzealous cash control measures end up costing you more?

Now everything is about cash management. But what if your measures ending up making the situation worse? Here are some of our thoughts on how obvious business safety measures might transform your situation from manageable to critical.

Read this article by Ola Kallqvist, our CEO of Celemi APAC.

Cash is Critical in a Covid World

“Cash combined with courage in a time of crisis is priceless” (Warren Buffett).

It may even be said that cash in hand itself creates confidence, which allows us to then have courage to face challenges and crises, like navigating the Covid19 pandemic.

Read this article by our partner Adam Slonim who is currently an Adjunct Fellow at Victoria University.

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