Ping & An: Competence development boosting performance

A corporate university: Having highly competent and professional people on board is one of the key success factors in today’s marketplace. Continuous competence development and training have become important strategic tools. Large organizations around the world establish corporate universities to enhance capabilities and boost performance.

Launched two years ago, Ping An University was the first corporate university in the Chinese insurance industry. It was established to provide internal management training to further develop the business skills of managers and to increase their value contribution in the organization. The long-term goal is to open the university externally to the Chinese insurance industry as well as to clients.

The long-term goal was to open the university externally to the Chinese insurance industry as well as to clients. For the university to be successful, the quality and efficiency of their training was critical.  Early on Ping An resolved to go beyond traditional lectures and offer business simulations. They strongly believe in people meeting face-to-face and learning together, and therefore are restrictive about the use of e-learning solutions. A Celemi face-to-face business simulation was decided relevant and efficient.

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Celemi Case Story – Ping & An