Cooper: Communication tools for expansion

cooper_tire_77741When Cooper & Tire expanded they noticed the huge value of systematic communication tools. Top management could tell the importance of the same informed culture and focused philosophies, these were the key to success.

An obstacle in the communication between management and workers lead to misjudgement of financial decisions that affected the whole company.

Many of the plant workers and even some of the management staff didn’t understand how or why some of the financial decisions were made and what the key financial measurables of the “new Cooper” were.

-Larry Phillips, Plant Manager, of recently acquired Mitchell Ontario facility.

In cooperation with Cooper, Celemi worked on a solution which would help the employees to understand internal financial decisions and see the “big picture” of the company. The solution being used taught them about Cooper’s culture, philosophy and beliefs. They could now see their importance for the company and their decisions affecting the whole company.

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Celemi Case Story – Cooper