BP Castrol: Communicating Project Alchemy

In early 2000 BP acquired Burmah Castrol Ltd – the Castrol brand recognised in the marketplace as ‘The lubricants specialist.’ The new division (Castrol business sub-sector or CBSS) was formed out of the merger of the existing lubricant division of Burmah Castrol and BP. Celemi were asked to design a learning based communication programme that would outline how the newly merged company would  go to market using their existing brands.

Creating commitment

Following a brainstorming activity to surface ideas, participants work in pairs and ‘test’ the validity of their ideas by answering a series of questions on how their idea supports the vision and values and how it can practically be implemented. As a final step, participants run their ideas through an ‘Ideas Processor’ to identify any barriers that may stand in the way of implementation and how they may be resolved. As a result, participants are able to turn ideas into concrete and achievable actions.

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Celemi Case Story – BP Castrol (A4)