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Project Description

AXIS: A profound understanding of the company strategy

For the R&D managers’ strategy day, Axis recognized a need for deeper strategy understanding. Celemi Enterprise™ surpassed their expectations in a single day.

Axis Communications have a tradition to arrange a one-day activity twice a year. The purpose is to get together, exchange information and network witihin the company. Anette Löfvendahl, HR Business Partner R&D at Axis Communications, wanted to make this activiity more different than the others. Anette had heard good things about Celemi’s hands-on with abstract matters simulations creating a connection within the company and the employees.

“We want everybody to be able to answer questions like ‘Why does our strategy look like this?’ and ‘What does it mean in practice?”

-Anette Löfvendahl, HR Business Partner R&D, Axis Communications.

About the simulation Celemi Enterprise™

To reach Axis’s goals they got to manage simualed companies. Each company was one team with 3-4 participants. The partcipants got to manage simulated companies on a dynamic market ov several simulated years. The teams got to make strategic decisions, allocate their resources acoordingly:

  • Which market segment should we target?
  • How can they develop product portfolio?
  • How big is the marketing budget?

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