Akzo Nobel

Akzo Nobel: Delivering the Vision in Company-Wide Dialog

Celemi-ALL-LOGOS-AKzoLeaders at AkzoNobel Nordics had defined an aggressive growth strategy, focusing on addressing new market challenges.

Craig Shaw, CEO, and the AkzoNobel Nordics management team realized that in order to succeed, they would have to enable the entire organization to truly understand the new vision and strategy.
Together with Celemi, Akzo Nobel developed a 2.5 day strategy dialog. When implemented, all employees were invited to explore the future direction in cross-functional teams. This journey of exploration created the “big picture” view and helped people see how they could contribute to making the vision come true.

”Now everybody can see, feel and touch the strategy”

— Craig Shaw, Managing Director, Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings Nordics

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