CELEMI Performance™


Help your employees think constructively and act decisively when times are rough.  Encourage them to see opportunities. Develop a shared understanding of what your organization is up against – so that you can unite around the way forward.

In Celemi Performance™, teams  of four participants exercise their business minds by following the case story of Fenix Inc. In three chapters, they help Fenix Inc. to get the basics right, create a competitive advantage, and finally to win the business.

Throughout Celemi Performance™, participants draw parallels to their own reality, reflecting on the challenges and opportunities for their own company.

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Disruptive Technologies
Product Life Cycles
Customer Segmentation
Supply-Chain Efficiency
Value-added Services
Short-term vs Long-term Profitability

Celemi Performance™, is based on a case story of Fenix Inc. Employees will be challenged to help Fenix Inc. get the basics right: create a competitive advantage, and finally to win the business.

“The participants on my team greatly improved their knowledge around the main issues that influences a business. We used the Performance program as a platform to discuss our company’s new strategy – what we need to reconsider in our company, such as our product- and service offering and market presence – and why.”

– Business unit manager, software manufacturing company

Use Celemi Performance™ when you want to:

  • illustrate how small improvements can have a great effect on the bottom line

  • inspire people to focus on what can be done, even when business conditions are harsh

  • creates a broad, shared understanding of the key issues and factors that influence your business

  • remind employees of the importance of focusing on customers and understanding their needs


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