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Help your employees attract and retain targeted clients in extremely competitive markets.

Celemi Livon™ is designed for all employees who are expected to help sales and distribution organizations coordinate market investments and resources and promote a precise, consistent identity for the company.


Strategic Decision Making 100%
Customer Responsiveness 100%
Customer Segmentation 90%
Competitive Landscape Analysis 80%
Net Promoter Score (NPS) 70%
Branding & Image Tracking 70%
Pricing vs Profitability 60%
Marketing Agility 60%

Celemi Livon™ is based on a case story. Four retailers are in tough competition for the same customers in a growing market. The overriding challenge is to build and retain a profitable customer base. At the start, the four retailers are “all over the place”.

They soon learn that their company cannot be everything to everyone, and that competitive positioning is critical. Which current customers should they keep? Which prospective customers should they target?

Who will emerge as the market leader?

The management team needs to decide on a desired market position and capture it in the most cost- effective way.

Teams analyze baseline market research to help them make tactical choices:

  • Go for the high end of the market… or the low end?

  • Pursue a unique niche… or attack a competitor’s stronghold?

  • Build capacity in advance… or wait for the demand to grow?

  • Compete on differentiation… or on price?

  • Defend your achieved position at all costs… or move to another?

“We can count on success only if our dealers earn money, so it makes sense for us to help them to do a good job in their local markets, and to make good use of the things we do at headquarters, like marketing campaigns, etc. For work of this kind, Celemi Livon™ is an outstanding tool.”

– Sales manager, Toyota Sweden

“I believe it was a useful reminder to all of us that every customer represents many years of business. In fact, it is both simpler and less costly to keep a customer than to replace one that has gone somewhere else. Thank you for an interesting and useful experience.”

– Participant, IBM Australia

“This helped me immeasurably in understanding market share, competition, and other areas not usually affiliated with store operations.”

– Product manager, leading manufacturer in the US

Use Celemi Livon™ when you want to:

  • Reinforce competitive advantages and capture greater market share.

  • Create a strong alignment between franchise, retail or other operations and the central sales and marketing strategy.

  • Explore how to adopt and adapt a global strategy.

  • Identify or strengthen a market niche.

  • Perform a simple demonstration of what it means to be “customer-driven”.

  • Deliver the big-picture framework on marketing concepts, market segmentation, consumer behavior.

  • Create strategic alignment around a central vision.


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