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CELEMI Livon Lite™


Inspire people and help them realize your company’s marketing strategy. Celemi Livon Lite™ is a serious game offering the fast track to a basic understanding of the principles of marketing and branding.

Celemi Livon Lite™ is based on a case. At the starting point, four companies are fiercely competing in a narrow segment of the marketplace. There is little differentiation, causing a restless customer base with little loyalty to their respective companies. Teams need to decide on how to best use their limited resources on attracting a selection of customers.


Strategic Decision Making
Customer Responsiveness
Customer Segmentation
Competitive Landscape Analysis
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Branding & Image Tracking
Pricing vs Profitability
Marketing Agility

Some of the big issues that are discussed in Celemi Livon Lite™:

  • How will we attract and retain a steady customer base?
  • What are our strengths – and how can we leverage them?
  • What type of market profile do we want – and how will we communicate it?

“Good for large audiences to understand marketing fundamentals. A couple of well spent hours!”

– Training and Development Director, Insurance group, Middle East

“Very fast and exciting way to learn about our marketing strategy. To compete with your colleagues forces you to do your best. Thank you!”

– Sales Manager, Multinational industrial company

“Fun and informative at the same time!”

– Management Consultant, Sweden

Use Celemi Livon Lite™ when you want to:

  • To create alignment around the “big picture”

  • To create an understanding of marketing strategy and tactical initiatives.

  • To stimulate better decisions for optimal allocation of limited marketing resources.

  • To increase responsiveness to customer needs and preferences.

  • To create a deep understanding of the overall business impact of your employee’s decisions.

  • To inspire glocal (local within global) performance.

  • Sales and marketing staff (central level) to become more aware of the challenges on the local level (and vice versa).

  • Are facing a merger or acquisition (where there is a need to fuse together differing brands).

  • To build a shared understanding of the new profile among key employees.


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