CELEMI Enterprise™


Exercise business thinking for winning results. Align your people behind your strategy.

In Celemi Enterprise™, teams act as companies competing for the same customers in a fierce marketplace. Each participant assumes a management role in Marketing and Sales, Development and Services, Planning and Delivery, Finance and Control. The goal? Earn short-term profit while creating long-term value.

Over 8 years, teams annually win or lose customers based on the company’s offerings, performance and brand positioning. Success is a calculated marathon, not a mad dash to the finish line.

Propel your company to the top with Celemi Enterprise—a fierce competition that ignites ambition and builds strategy.


Positioning and branding
Strategic thinking
Product portfolio management
Competitive Strategy
Planning and execution

Celemi Enterprise™ helps companies who want to be on top and stay on top by:

  • targeting and selling to preferred customers.
  • developing and keeping an attractive and profitable product portfolio.
  • getting the most out of people and processes.
  • creating a strong, sustainable brand.
  • communicating company strategy.
  • building common understanding of the big picture in each employee.

“Celemi Enterprise™ clarified and reinforced our message about our strategic priorities. The simulation setting really engaged the participants. This trigged many interesting discussions.”

– President and Chief Executive Officer, BE Group

”What’s great is that everyone gets something different out of Celemi Enterprise. If you work with purchasing, you learn about brand image, and if you’re in marketing you learn about finance and strategy.”

– Simon Eade, Sr. Leadership Development Specialist, Volvo Car Group

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Through the tough competition of Celemi Enterprise™, participants learn to:

  • put strategy into practice—fast.

  • prioritize based on the right information.

  • attract the right customers and monitor customer satisfaction.

  • assess the company’s current performance.

  • recognize the company’s most important value drivers.

  • understand the roles and benefits of strategy and branding.

  • use resources wisely.


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