CELEMI Decision Base™


Build cross-functional alignment. Develop a “big picture” understanding. Practice strategic decision-making.

First developed in 1978, Celemi Decision Base™ is the original business simulation. Updated to reflect today’s market demands, in this simulation teams manage their own capital-intensive companies, establish and execute a strategy, and compete for customers in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Competing teams assume the leadership of a company,  grow with scarce resources, battle for market leadership, and strive to improve profitability—in good times and bad. Participants lead critical functions such as finance, production, marketing, and corporate intelligence. It’s a customizable and dynamic challenge of analysis, strategy, execution, and navigation to make the right investments at the right time.


Let your employees earn a “micro-MBA” through play with Celemi Decision Base™—a comprehensive simulation for productive collaboration, business acumen enhancement, and leadership development.

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Market Share & Competition
Strategic Planning & Execution
Profitability & Cash Flow
Business Acumen
Critical Thinking
Decision Making

In Celemi Decision Base™, there are hundreds of decisions to make; operational as well as strategic. Teams are challenged to make these decisions while under heavy competitive pressure, limited resources, and demanding time constraints.

“You know the program is effective when people from manufacturing, sales and marketing become sensitive to each other’s needs and understand how the other operation works.”

– Manager, 3M

“I better understand my personal impact on financial results and hope to find ways to make things better… I hope everyone takes this. It’s good material for developing increased understanding of financial terms and interactions in the business environment.”

– Participant, Hewlett Packard

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Decision-making is a crucial business skill.

Typical decisions that participants will face:

  • Invest now or later?

  • Pursue all markets or just a few?

  • Leverage debt or earn it first?

  • Develop new products or maintain existing ones?

  • Be a market leader or an early follower?

  • Which markets to enter and when?


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