What is a business simulation?

Not only will you have fun –  you will also learn a lot, fast, without noticing. The format makes it possible to interact and collaborate with your peers. You will learn from one another while putting yourselves in one another persons shoes and stepping out of your comfort zones. You will get new knowledge and try out that knowledge – in a safe environment. Also, you will get the opportunity to practice decision-making, see what the outcome of your decisions will be when experimenting with your new learnings.

You will:

  • Get a grip of business finance – and it will help you in your discussions with your manager and colleagues
  • Get a better understanding of the financial effects of your business decisions
  • Get new sales arguments when your client wants to discuss ROI, pricing and payment terms
  • Boost your career. Understanding business finance is a clear advantage if you want to be in management

…and more. Can you do without it?

Want to be convinced? Enjoy the video below (1:45)