Strategy Implementation

Motivate change through shared learning. Company strategy starts with an intense process of study and analysis. It requires motivation to spread successfully. Ensure your employees know where your organization is headed—and why—so they become change agents who realize your vision.

With CELEMI business solutions, employees understand the reasons behind strategy implementation by experiencing a simulated version of management’s learning process. It’s a way to develop comprehension about company expectations, values, and demands through hands-on learning and testing.

Do more than write company strategy on a board. Get everyone on board.

Topics Covered

Strategy implementation involves various issues from diversity to corporate social responsibility. We help companies succeed by making it easier for everyone to understand and relate to these critical concepts:

Risk and opportunity management (ROM) helps translate risk processes and theories into practice and preventive actions, so you are proactive, not reactive.

Corporate culture and values helps shape a strong culture of excellence with shared attitudes, values, and goals, so your people reach conclusions and act fast.

Diversity helps build richer, innovative teams with varied ages, genders, competences, and backgrounds, so you can address constant changes and future challenges.

Corporate social responsibility helps make long-term sustainability a company-wide priority, so you yield great returns, increased performance, and a stronger brand.

Custom Solutions

We work with you to create team-based learning activities and business simulations that rapidly guide people through a journey of learning and change. Our hands-on tools include formats like WorkMat™ series, business simulations, cases, films, interactive PowerPoint presentations, micro games, and e-Learning.

Client Cases

Take it from them, not us. Read about our satisfied clients like Axis and Norsk Hydro.

Additional Resources

Learn more by downloading our strategy implementation Strategy_Fact sheet, Risk  Risk Management Fact sheet, Culture & Values Culture and values, Diversity Diversity Fact sheet, or CSR CSR_Fact sheetMay2015 fact sheets.

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