Risk & Opportunity Management

Risk Management

In today’s unpredictable world, successful management of risks and opportunities can make you stand out from the crowd. Economies of scale may no longer give you a competitive advantage. Instead, you need to be innovative, flexible, responsive, and – fast.

As a result, companies are becoming more aware of the increasing risks, as well as opportunities, that they face. Pro-active organizations today strive to apply risk management theories, methods, and tools. These are important building blocks for a conscious approach to Risk and Opportunity Management (ROM). However, ROM is much more than tools and facts – it is about the people.

Stop Firefighting – Start Preventing Fires

Successful ROM has much to do with the mind-set of the people in your organization. Seizing opportunities and mitigating risks are part of many peoples’ daily jobs, not just the risk specialists’. But, people are not always aware of the potential impact of their decisions, which can lead to costly firefighting. In order to create a culture of risk awareness, you need to help people translate risk processes and theories into daily practice and preventive actions.

What We Can Do for You

In order to create a stronger risk- and opportunitity culture and to engage your people, we recommend you to invite people to rehearse future behavior: An effective way of doing this is to gather people in a business simulation. The simulation offers a stylized version of the participants’ day-to-day reality, putting the spotlight on events that call for Risk and Opportunity Management (ROM).

In teams, participants explore a set of situations that call for action. As a team, they have to make critical decisions – and face the consequences. Throughout the simulation, they share knowledge, experiences, good practice and points of views with each other.

Rehearse desired future behavior – without the real life consequences

Our clients firmly believe that building a robust risk culture equips their organization for an unpredictable future, and strengthens their competitive advantage.

What We’ve Done Before

We’ve helped a number of clients implement new strategies. Strengthening risk culture or raising risk and opportunity awareness are issues that our customers are addressing. At Celemi, we are experts in simulations and in creating hands-on tools for strategy implementation.

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