Organizational Alignment

Empower employees to act as one through serious fun: An aligned workforce is a result of big-picture sharing, not top-level telling. To support your organization’s decisions, employees need to see, think, and understand your vision, strategy, and change drivers.

With CELEMI business simulations and custom solutions you achieve organizational alignment through company-wide dialog and success visualization. Leaders and employees discuss company strategy to explore, reflect, and gain new insights. We help you convey your vision and clarify how projects and initiatives support your strategy.

Organizational alignment means more than standing together. It’s creating a company culture of truly working together—every day, every decision.

Custom Solutions

Our custom solutions create engaged, empowered employees who understand how their individual work makes a difference toward a unified company goal.

We work with you to create team-based learning activities and business simulations that rapidly guide people through a journey of learning and change. Our hands-on tools include formats like WorkMat™ series, business simulations, cases, films, interactive PowerPoint presentations, micro games, and e-Learning. With our solutions, change happens rapidly, and dialog is supported over time.