Induction: Successfully Introducing New Employees

Preparing your new employees for their role and quickly bringing them into their new organization is crucial. You want to prepare them for their role and develop their theoretical as well as practical skills. Most important, however, is to make sure they quickly become a part of the organization’s culture.

Induction programs matter when you want to raise organizational commitment. The purpose is to quickly make new employees useful and integrated members of your team. You may have tried, and know that executing a new induction training strategy can be tricky. It demands good knowledge management processes.

At Celemi we can assist you in making the integration of your new employees efficient and smooth. We also often help our clients help addressing and identify “young talent” or “future trainees”.

You may have several reasons for wanting to create an induction program. Perhaps you want to:

• Make sure your new employees learn about the values and the culture of your company
• Assess of your future talents and decision-makers (testing their ability to analyze, collaborate, communicate, solve problems, calculate during a challenging situation)
• Make your new members collaborate and create alliances, whilst acquiring learnings within a specific topic (business acumen, strategy, or finance)
• Create a strong employer brand by offering a rewarding learning experience

We offer our clients both ready-made business simulations with the purpose of satisfying these different needs, and entirely custom-made solutions adapted to suit your specific needs and subject matters.

Celemi Business Simulations are effective induction tools. A business simulation is an efficient way of distinguishing young talents in a dynamic, competitive situation. During a business simulation a participant is challenged, learns about your company and a specific topic, collaborate and communicate with peers, and gets a chance to network.

Similarly, we also help our clients develop dialog programs, with the purpose of sharing the corporate culture and values with new employees. Dialog programs create the fruitful discussions needed for people to feel engaged and a part of something. Consequently, a well-run induction program increases productivity and reduces turnover.