Project Description

Swedbank: Understanding Intangible Assets

swebankWhat are today’s success factors? Where are the assets that will ensure increasing market value? How do we evaluate new business ideas and intangible assets when granting loans? A leader in the Swedish banking sector, Swedbank found the answers to these questions through Celemi Tango™, designed to support the growth of knowledge organizations.

Bank managers and financial analysts spent two days in a Celemi Tango simulation. This resulted in new clients shortly after the seminar, and many new prospects. One of the Swedbank managers who attended Celemi Tango describes how it has helped his business area: “We took part in the simulation to enhance the quality of our KAMs’ client relationships, and improve our understanding of how a modern entrepreneur works. Afterwards, we could apply the terminology and key indicators from the simulation to our own work. With this common language, we can communicate very effectively with entrepreneurs and other business leaders.”

“On average it can take 5-6 years of hard work to win a client over, but by using the knowledge and insights we gained from Celemi Tango™, the development of new business relationships can happen much faster.”

— Berno Huldt Bank Manager, Swedbank

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