Project Description

EPSa GmbH: Optimizing warehousing and material flow with ease

EPSa (Elektronik und Präzisionsbau Saalfeld GmbH) is a German electrical engineering and manufacturing firm. After a recent change of ownership and consolidation process, they turned to Celemi Solution Provider CANMAS for a learning solution that would help break down silo thinking and optimize their supply chain process.

Prior to the implementation of a new IT-system, management needed to create alignment about the “why” of this new systems in order to secure a successful implementation. They needed to break down silo thinking and intensify cooperation among all parties involved in the supply chain, especially in inventory management as they would be especially affected by the new automated systems.

It was important to me that the leaders from the different areas get a common view on this very important issue for us. The simulation was an ideal catalyst for an intensive discussion about it.

– Ali Sahin, CEO and Owner of EPSa 

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