Project Description

Shui on Land: From Specialist to Generalist Thinking

Shui On Land Ltd. wanted to give their employees a big-picture understanding and gain a common definition of professional excellence. As an engaging option to conventional lectures, Celemi Cayenne™ proved to deliver all the learning points Shui On Land was looking for, while at the same time getting rave reviews from the participants.

Celemi Cayenne™ lets participants deal with the challenges inherent to project work. To optimize the business value, teams need to balance the interests of everyone involved when allocating limited resources. At Shui On Land, Cayenne helps master planners, architects and engineers change perspectives and see how priorities change at different stages in projects.

Aiming to develop this common way of thinking amongst a broad base of people, 500 people at Shui On Land has experienced Celemi Cayenne™. In addition, 150 managers have participated in the finance for non-financials simulation Celemi Apples & Oranges™. In evaluations, satisfaction is consistently high, with sessions for both simulations being planned for the upcoming years.

“Celemi Cayenne™ has a much broader application than project management. The concepts involved really matter to all our staff, regardless of their level and role.”

— Robyn Schindel, Senior Manager Shui On Academy

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