Project Description

Qube Global: Getting Together for a Meaningful Leadership Challenge

Qube Global Software Ltd, a a leading global supplier of real estate management software solutions, is growing. Having recently opened offices in Singapore, the organization has for several years had units around the globe, ranging from the United Arab Emirates to New Zealand. Its headquarters are located in Central London.

John Cuppello, CEO Qube Global, sees the advantages of gathering his team members together at regular intervals. He wants to make the meetings meaningful, motivating, and memorable.

“I want to avoid people working in silos and I believe that we have to meet face-to-face to foster collaboration across borders and across business units.”

Alibi for Interaction

On May 20, 2015, the whole team met for a purpose-driven conference.

The Senior Management along with the Sales & Marketing teams convened for a day-long strategic session. The team members, coming from all parts of the world including New Zealand, UK, Dubai and the US, got together in the largest conference room to play a serious game – Celemi Tango™ . For a majority of the employees, the simulation format was entirely new.

One of the main reasons John chose a business simulation format – an interactive learning experience – was the fact that he had tried it himself and found it both rewarding and meaningful. A few months earlier, Qube had also tested and used the Celemi business simulation, Tango. At that time, the target group consisted of project managers and consultants.

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