Project Description

Norsk Hydro: Strengthening the Business Through Diversity

Norsk Hydro takes advantage of different backgrounds and mindsets to foster innovation and high quality decision-making.

Improvements beyond cost optimization

Cost control is critical in the aluminum industry, where prices are established in a global market. However, low costs alone are not a sufficient competitive advantage; Good leadership and a proper organizational structure are essential to further grow the business, which is why Hydro launched a company-wide diversity program in 2013.

“You could say the project has two objectives”, says Franziska Barth, Initiative Leader Diversity at Hydro. “The first is growing diversity awareness by helping our people understand its meaning and positive effects. The second is what we call ‘hardwiring diversity’ – meaning that we integrate diversity in our processes and give our coworkers the tools they need to structure recruitment processes, resulting in diverse candidates for new positions”.

“We chose to work with Celemi for several reasons”, Ms. Barth continues. “Partly because Celemi had the rare experience of promoting diversity on a large scale, but also because we had cooperated in the past; Ten years ago Celemi created a custom solution for Hydro on company values that was very well-received. In fact, we still use it, which is an impressive proof of its high quality!”

 “Our improvement ambitions reach much further than cost level.”

— Svein Richard Brandtzæg, CEO Norsk Hydro ASA

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