Project Description

Kemin: Executives – Connecting & Collaborating

Kemin Industries built a reputation for innovation manufacturing more than 500 specialty ingredients that deliver nutrition and health benefits to people and animals around the world. To continue meeting aggressive growth goals, Kemin leaders realize they need to ramp up innovation everywhere — in the lab, in their business models, and in their marketing, sales, and customer communications.

So Kemin kicked off its 2014 Worldwide Executive Conference with a fiercely competitive Celemi Tango™ seminar. Ninety participants learned a common financial language, took on new roles, and learned why it is crucial to take smart risks, develop and retain employees, and align resources wisely to support rapid growth.

Using Celemi Tango to Bring Worldwide Executives Together –
to connect, collaborate and grow profitably and to Ramp Up Innovation

Celemi Tango™’s customizable business simulation proved to be the perfect vehicle for bringing together executives from across the organization, challenging them to look outside of their primary roles and showing them how their individual and group decisions affect business. Kemin Group President Anita Norian worked with Celemi partner and training consultant Dan Topf and his Management Development International, Inc. (MDI) team to integrate Kemin’s goals and challenges into a realistic two-day experience that drove home the importance of the following:

Tracking Results

Kemin measures innovation in several long-term ways including ROI on R&D and percentage of sales from new products. While less tangible, several lessons learned through Celemi Tango™ are already changing the ways that employees work together to achieve their goals.

Hiring and Developing

One of the most immediate Celemi Tango™ takeaways was the importance of getting the right people on board and well-trained. “Teams that didn’t go after as many people couldn’t go after customers and grow,” says Norian. “I think that message hit home clearly. After Celemi Tango™, I heard several executives talking about how they needed to fill positions quickly to better serve their customers.

Custom Solution Gets Results

“Celemi Tango™ was especially valuable for new executives because it gave them a broader understanding of other people’s roles and helped them build connections quickly through the shared experience.”

— Tammi Guldenpfennig, Chief Financial Officer, Kemin Industries

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