Project Description

IKEA: Strengthening the IKEA culture

To establish its values and concepts in stores around the world, IKEA uses learning tools developed together with Celemi. 

The IKEA concept has evolved over more than 50 years and the result today is a strong, tried and tested concept, which is being enhanced and further  developed every day all over the world. The work relationship between IKEA and Celemi dates back to 1995 when Inter IKEA Systems B.V. had identified a need for people within the company to gain a better and deeper insight about the concept. This was to be achieved through a hands-on experience rather
than just informing people or letting them study manuals and books.

Together with Celemi, a five-day communication and engagement program was designed to help clarify and maintain the IKEA concept globally. To date, many hundreds of IKEA managers have been through the program, which is still being run.

A program on culture: The IKEA Way

After the success of the concept program, the next big challenge was to further strengthen the IKEA culture. To increase competitiveness while expanding through opening up new stores and recruiting a lot of people, it is of great importance to continuously enhance the capabilities of co-workers and put the corporate culture in focus. “We need to maintain as well as develop our culture,” says Anders Dahlvig, IKEA Group President and CEO at the time of the IKEA Way development.

“We had a dream of making a program where we could work with our values as the most important part, ”says Mats Agmén, MD of Concept Control, Inter IKEA Systems B.V.. So, Inter IKEA Systems B.V. once again teamed up with Celemi to create a new program, with the main purpose of increasing the understanding and alignment of the IKEA Way of doing things, defined as “The way we do things around here – and why”.

“Maintaining a strong IKEA culture is one of the most crucial factors behind the continued success of the IKEA concept.”

—Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA Founder

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