Project Description

Hewlett Packard: Building Leadership Skills

Central to the strategy of Hewlett Packard’s Business School in China is to help key customers and partners develop successful strategic planning skills as an integral part of management best practice.

To achieve this, HP China teamed up with Celemi in the middle of the 1990s. Since then, thousands of managers and employees have experienced the power of simulations through Celemi Decision Base™, Celemi Tango™ and Celemi Apples & Oranges™. More than 4,000 senior managers from companies all over China have experienced the board-based business simulation Celemi Decision Base™.

“Celemi Decision Base™ provides a wonderful platform for us. The simulation makes our management course in strategic planning more vivid and much better understood.”

— Anne An, Program Manager, China HP Business School

The simulation provides an environment in which participants can explore and incorporate HP’s successful 10-Step approach to strategic planning. With the success of the approach internally, China HP even decided to look externally and offer this to customers and partners attending its business school.

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