Project Description

Höganäs: True Finance Understanding

höganäsImpressed with the Celemi pedagogy, Höganäs decided to give their Swedish management financal literacy – in one a single day.

The goal for the training at Höganäs was true finance understanding – not just knowing the terminology, but realizing how certain actions in the workplace impact the entire organization’s finances. To achieve this, Höganäs used Celemi Apples & Oranges™. “Often, it is hard to see how your actions in your department affects the work in other parts of the company”, says Mattias Berg, HR Manager at Höganäs. “Our coworkers are competent and deliver within budget, but we wanted them to really see the big picture, where they are parts of a whole”.

The AO seminars featured 90 production managers, plus key persons such as purchasers, planners and HR staff. Groups were mixed to ensure that participants were teamed up with people they didn’t normally work with. To help connect the learning points to the business, Höganäs CFO Mark Braithwaite was present during the sessions:

“What I like about Celemi solutions is that they allow us to build our own knowledge.”

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